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Gallery Voss (Düsseldorf)

The works of the Russian Artist Dimitrij Dihovichnij are created through the serration of everyday objects. He alienates his objects by means of harmony, or, even more emphasized by the contrast of the pieces and materials. However, at the same time he also draws the observer’s attention, in a fascinating way, to the hidden symbolization of his works.

Bespoke Gallery (Düsseldorf)

Dmitrij's bronze objects are sophisticated - rather a small format, but containing great emotion, elegance, and skill. They are at the same time futuristic and nostalgic.

Kino Gallery (Moscow)

To Dmitrij Dihovichnij, the obviousness of any event conceals a variety of forms of life and reality, showing unexpected facets; only a real artist can note those and make art out of them. His art is balancing on the thin line between the event and that spectrum of images that it creates, as can be seen in his artwork "Water chestnut"

Helga Meister (Westdeutsche Zeitung, Düsseldorf)

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Aljoscha, Artist about Dmitrij's work "Boat"

Пурпурные волны
Бездонное море
Циклопы и нимфы
Сон жены рыбака в соленом просторе 
Он коварен, он дик,
Он ищет корабль своим хищным оком
Он гневен, велик,
Погибель тая в океане глубоком

Purple waves

Bottomless sea

Cyclops and nymphs

Fisherman wife's dream in a salty space


It's guileful, it's wild

Its predatory eye is seeking the boat

It's furious, it's giant,

It's hiding the ruin in the ocean's depth

Carl Hager, Artist, about Dmitrij's project "Teotihuacàn"

Dmitrij's works are conditioned by a silent, solemn yet playful charm, in which omnipresent motifs such as ski racers, boats, cars and helicopters appear in affectionately drawn situations qua surreal moment, being at the mercy of risk and close to destruction. These miniatures, seemingly harmless and neat at the beginning, start to vex after prolonged contemplation. Where do our memories set in and at which point do we become a part of the momentarily self-evident future? 

An infinite fundamental determination to tell stories is present in his sculptural projects as well. He is steeped in deep delight to use material like plaster, polyester and bronze with technical perfection, to develop bizarre pieces of composition, in which the recognisable, serene, almost childlike motifs appear in tension with mystical material density and abrupt earnestness. All his artistic effort is sensibly interweaved with his musicality to meet normal-being with a wink. He transfers his energy into art and sculpture in order to enable us to notice and comment the often impenetrable environment.